Security Testing & Assessments

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Penetration Testing

Evaluates your organization’s security posture by safely exploiting any vulnerabilities present in your network, application and user security. Our experts will provide recommendations to fix identified security issues.

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Red Team Assessments

A goal-based, multi-dimensional, adversarial threat emulation activity that assess organizations readiness to detect and respond to targeted attacks. Our red team assessment will better prepare your organization for the unexpected.

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Configuration Review

Configuration review validates configuration settings of your infrastructure components such as operating system, network devices, security devices and databases to protect you from attackers exploiting the misconfigurations.

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Network Security Architecture Review

Analyzes your organization’s network documentation and components to identify any vulnerabilities and risks. Our recommendations ensure that your network is secure, keeping your data and system safe from attackers.


Advisory Services

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Incident Response

Incident response services gives you immediate access to a team of experts in the event of an unforeseen cybersecurity incident. We provide real-time guidance, and analysis to help you investigate, remediate, and recover from critical security incidents.

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Threat Intelligence

Provides predictive analysis about current or emerging cyberthreats that could negatively impact the security of your organization. You can stay ahead of the adversaries with a deeper insight into threats targeting your organization.

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SOC Maturity Audit

SOC maturity audit helps you to improve effectiveness and efficiency of your security operation center (SOC). Our experts will assess, evaluate and evolve the maturity of your SOC.

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SOC Engineering Services

Engaging our SOC engineering service, organizations can establish a state-of-the-art SOC, optimize an existing SOC or expedite their SOC implementation efforts. We use vendor agnostic approach to SOC design to get maximum flexibility.


Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is a real-time demonstration of how cybersecurity attack vectors impact your organization where a malicious actor could bypass security controls in your corporate network, infrastructure and applications and gain access to critical systems and data.

Pentration Testing

Objective of the penetration testing is to identify maximum vulnerabilities in the stipulated time , and try to exploit those vulnerabilities to determine the risk of each vulnerability.

Our penetration testing services provide greater visibility to cybersecurity weakness in your organization revealing vulnerabilities, assessing the impact of the possible attacks, evaluating the effectiveness of your current security controls, and providing recommendations to remediate the vulnerabilities.

Our team of certified testers specialized and experienced in different types of penetration testing can help your organization to identify and mitigate a wide range of risks.

Service options

Main objective of the network penetration testing is to identify and remediate the vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in the network infrastructure across on-premises and cloud environments (servers, firewalls, switches, routers, printers, workstations, and more) before they can be exploited by malicious agents or attackers

External network penetration testing: Security assessment conducted through the Internet with no preliminary knowledge of client systems.

Internal network penetration testing: Security assessment conducted simulating as an internal attacker, such as a visitor with only physical access to your offices or a contractor with limited system access.

Objective of the wireless network penetration testing is to identify and understand the technology-related vulnerabilities affecting your wireless infrastructure. Testing simulates how an attacker could move through the wireless infrastructure and escalate the privileges and compromising the corporate group.

Our testing approach and methodology is aligned with Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) and SANS methodologies.

Main objective of the social engineering assessment is to assess your employee’s susceptibility to social engineering attacks. Assessment highlights the gaps in the current controls and operating procedures and will provide the basis on developing a targeted employee security awareness training.

The scope of each assessment can be customized to your organization’s requirements and goals. Our testers use both traditional and non-traditional techniques to test resilience of your organization to social engineering attack. Assessment may include techniques such as:

  • Phishing and social engineering attacks against selected targets
  • Perimeter and internal surveillance attacks
  • Staff procedure bypasses
  • Data exfiltration, acquiring assets and intellectual property rights

Objective of the web application penetration testing to identify security weaknesses or vulnerabilities within the web-based applications and its components like database, source code, and the back-end network. Assessment also helps by prioritizing the determined weaknesses or vulnerabilities and provides recommendations to mitigate them.

Our web application penetration testing methodology is closely aligned with the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) SANS, and OSSTMM (Open-Source Security Testing Methodology Manual) and methodologies. Our security professionals use their development and security experience to find critical issues before they become a security crisis.

Different approaches to application penetration testing include:

Black Box Penetration Testing: The tester will have little, or no information of the application being tested.

Gray box Penetration Testing: Pen tester will have partial knowledge or access to application being tested.

Source Code Review: Reviewer will have full access to the source code of the application and will focus on the auditing of the source code to identify security vulnerabilities.

Objective of the mobile application penetration testing is to gain insights into the mobile application vulnerabilities, bottlenecks, and attack vectors beforehand. Testing covers applications on various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows running both on mobile phones as well as tablets.

It involves analyzing applications for security issues in the contexts of the platforms that they are designed to run on, the frameworks that they are developed with, and the anticipated set of users.

  • Identify vulnerable points in your network, infrastructure, and applications, enable you to make correct decisions on areas to focus on and budget to mitigate risks
  • Minimize financial and reputational losses caused by cyber-attacks, by proactively mitigating the vulnerabilities before they are exposed by attackers
  • Comply with regulatory, industry and corporate standards, performing periodic assessments as mandated by these standards

Red Team Assessment

Red team assessment is conducted to determine your organization’s ability to complicate, detect and respond to the specific cyber threats they face. Red teaming demonstrates how real-world attackers can combine seemingly unrelated exploits to achieve their goal that poses a risk to the organization.

Objective of the red team assessment is to somehow gain access to sensitive information, evading organization’s detection and response mechanism, and is not to find as many vulnerabilities as possible like in the case of penetration testing. Red Team assessment normally require more time compared to that of penetration testing.

Red Team Assessment

Our testers replicate attack path of a real adversary and assess organization-wide incident detection capabilities. Test scenarios are developed based on selected threats and attack vectors and will be used to assess your organization’s ability to protect most critical assets. Red team assessment reveals true business impact of real cyber threats.

Red team assessments are typically performed in a stealthy manner to enhance the realism of the exercise. Active testing can be performed against live systems or in a closed simulated environment.

  • Validate your organization’s cyber defense capability and security posture
  • Gain a better visibility of how attackers could access your environment, network, and sensitive data
  • Enhanced security posture and optimal business process improvements, having greater understanding on the risks, their impact and remediation options

Configuration Review

Conducting a meticulous configuration review is paramount to identifying potential vulnerabilities ingrained in the way your organization configures crucial IT infrastructure components, encompassing servers, network devices, security devices, and applications. This proactive examination serves as a foundational step in fortifying your cybersecurity posture, aiming to anticipate and mitigate potential risks emanating from configuration-related weaknesses.

configuration Reveiw

The assessments entail a thorough verification process, aligning system configuration settings with global industry standards, corporate policies, and regulatory requirements. We meticulously identify known vulnerabilities resulting from improper configurations or outdated software/firmware versions.

Leveraging the expertise of our seasoned security consultants, we extend our scrutiny to cover a diverse array of systems, servers, and devices within your infrastructure. Their proficiency ensures a comprehensive and effective evaluation of security configurations, contributing to an enhanced overall cybersecurity posture for your organization.

  • Reduce the risk of the system compromise, and subsequent impact to the business
  • Establish a configuration baseline aligned to leading industry standards
  • Ensure the effectiveness of your security investments
  • Leverage the combined expertise from a global community of security professionals

Network Security Architecture Reveiw

Objective of network security architecture review is to identify configuration and topology issues through analysis of the design and configuration of your network.

Network architecture review includes a detailed analysis of relevant network artifacts (e.g., network diagrams, security and regulatory requirements, technology inventory, exposed systems) to ensure that the network elements and overall network architecture optimally protect critical assets, sensitive data stores and business-critical communications.

Network Secruity Architecture Review

Our highly experienced consultants will identify security, performance, and scalability weaknesses in your network design and architecture. Our subject matter experts will provide recommendations to improve your network security architecture aligned with business objectives, your organization’s security policy and industry leading practices.

  • Identify gaps in your network security architecture before attackers expose them
  • Minimizes the risk by ensuring proper design and implementation of the key network architectural and operations controls to secure key systems, applications, and data
  • Ensures compliance with standards and key regulations through independent review and assurance

Incident Response

Incident response services stand as a cornerstone for delivering enduring and comprehensive support, strategically designed to elevate and refine your organization's incident response procedures. Our seasoned experts, equipped with a wealth of experience, are readily available 24/7 to provide unwavering assistance across the entire incident lifecycle, ensuring a seamless and proactive approach to incident management.

Incident Response

Our global network of security and digital forensic experts can deploy remote solutions quickly within hours to help you contain the situation and determine next steps.

Specializing in malware and advanced persistent threat analysis, we dissect their behaviors to gauge their impact on your systems, providing vital insights for decision-making.

Our incident response goes beyond resolution, enhancing your organization's resilience through assessments, exercises, and cutting-edge threat intelligence.

By choosing our services, you gain a quicker response time, minimized breach impact, and expedited recovery. We're dedicated to fortifying your cybersecurity, ensuring efficient navigation through the digital landscape with confidence.

  • Improve cyber incident response management and minimize disruptions to your services
  • 24/7 Remote support and assistance
  • Includes proactive and reactive services
  • Deep forensic investigation
  • Detailed Reporting

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence service process and analyze data collected from multiple sources on existing or emerging threats to provide information contextual to your organization about threats, threat actor’s motives, targets and attack behaviors.

Our team can help your organization to stay up to date with recent threats, and indicators-of -compromise. We ensure availability of conveniently packaged threat information that you can share with your teams.

Threat intelligence from internal and external data sources can be automated by integrating security tools and open-source intelligence (OSINT) feeds. Automation feeds threat information faster to your team and help your organization to stay ahead of the attackers.

Threat Intelligence

Our Threat Management team can help you with:

  • Indicators-of -compromise (IoC) management
  • Normalization and enrichment of data from threat intelligence feeds
  • Threat analysis and reporting
  • Establish cyber threat intelligence (CTI) process and improve CTI maturity
  • Enlighten the security teams on the unknown threats enabling them to make better and proactive decisions
  • Keep you up to date with the cyber threats, adversarial motives, and their tactics, techniques and motives (TTPs)
  • Achieve higher cyber threat intelligence maturity
  • Reduce alert fatigue in your SOC, enrich alerts with context, and provides information on where to look for an ongoing attack

SOC Maturity Audit

Objective of security operation center (SOC) maturity audit is to assess, analyze and advance the maturity of your security operations center (SOC) based on a proven maturity model framework. The assessment will provide insights on how to improve the effectiveness and reliability of your existing SOC.

SOC Maturity Audit

Our vastly experienced team carry out maturity assessment of your organization SOC capabilities by evaluating people, process, technology, and business aspects:

  • People: Assess SOC team structure, analyst skills, knowledge management and training plans
  • Process: Analyze security information and event management processes to ensure that attacks are identified, analyzed, and neutralized in a swift and cost-effective manner. Evaluate relevant policies and standards
  • Technology: Assess if the current detection, response, automation, and other support technologies used in the SOC meets organization’s security and business requirements and are deployed appropriately
  • Business: Assess relevant governance structures and business requirements
  • Provide you with an unbiased view of the current SOC maturity state and areas of improvement
  • Actionable plan with prioritized activity list/ roadmap to improve your SOC maturity
  • Helps to achieve compliance with standards and regulations

SOC Engineering

Our SOC engineering service understand your business operations to design build and optimize a SOC technology stack for effectively monitoring, detecting, analyzing, and mitigating cyber threats across your organization.

Our subject-matter experts and consultants leverage their years of experience in both designing and managing SIEM / SOC to provide greater visibility into your network and prepare your organization for the constantly evolving threat landscape.

Our Solutions team has worked on numerous SIEM products and solutions such as Splunk, QRadar, LogRythm, ArcSight, Elastic etc.

SOC Engineering

Our SOC engineering services includes but not limited to:

  • Architecture review and design
  • SIEM implementation services
  • Custom log integration
  • Third party integrations with SOC stack
  • Security operations center (SOC) that is efficient in design and operation delivered on time and to budget, and provide added value to the business operations as part of the assessment and design process
  • Enhance and optimize organizational security while preventing, detecting analyzing and responding to threats by building a state-of-the-art SOC
  • Vendor agnostic approach to resolve your security challenges